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Keto Camping Meals and Snacks

Going camping and sticking to a keto diet is easier than you might think. Many of our snacks are great for on the road and trail. Meals can be as simple or as complicated as you wish to make them. And it all depends on how you camp. I feel like we do the hardest type of camping. We usually hike into the woods with our packs or pulling a pulk or a wagon with everything we need for a day or two of camping. Usually we camp during colder months so we don't worry too much about refrigeration.

If you don't have refrigeration and are camping in summer, your best bet are shelf stable keto items:

cartons of bone broth

hearts of palm pasta




protein bars


cure meats

precooked bacon

pork rinds or quest chips

peanut, almond or any nut butter

homemade trail mix

keto fat bombs- store bought or homemade (may melt if summer time though)

avocado and other veggies if eaten the first day or 2

plenty of water, tea, coffee, packet electrolyte drinks

Can also prep keto biscuits or bread to make sandwiches with peanut butter, almond butter, or bacon!

With having a cooler or electric fridge there are even more possibilities. Keto food to keep it simple:



hot dogs





deli meats

super coffee!

Plus snacking items and above suggestions

But as a chef I sometimes get a little more involved and prep pulled pork, corn beef hash, sausage gravy, chili, homemade bone broth, biscuits, bread, ect. I cut and prep most veggies and meat ahead of time, sometimes even cook them to cut down on prep and cook time to just making everything all around easier while camping.

On this specific camping trip it was cold enough and we had a pile of snow to make a small fridge for some items to be eaten the next day. So I brought Pulled pork sandwiches with coleslaw, ramen, corn beef hash and eggs, keto carrot cupcakes, keto mochas and a bunch of snacks. I unfortunately don't measure much when I cook. I just usually look up a recipe on Pinterest and make it keto.

So I looked up a recipe for a pressure cooker pulled pork and followed it very loosely, it had a cup of BBQ Sauce, which I didn't have so added ingredients for a BBQ sauce on top of what I had on hand.

6 LB. Bone in pork butt (can use any size, bone or no bone)

chili powder






About a 1/4 Cup apple cider vinegar

a few tablespoons of Golden monkfruit sweetener

16 oz. bone broth

1/2 Cup unsweetened primal kitchen BBQ sauce

1/2 Cup No sugar added ketchup

sliced onions

2 Tbs. Avocado oil

Arrowroot Starch (optional)


  1. Preheat the pressure cooker on the sauté function on high, cut the pork into large chunks if possible, I cut one chunk off then scored around the bone as much as I could

  2. Put oil in pressure cooker, then heavily season up the pork with the top 6 spices, sear the outside of the pork butt until golden on the outside

  3. Add the onions, BBQ, ketchup, apple cider vinegar, sweetener, and broth and mix it up

  4. I pressure cooked on high for 45 minutes and it wasn't fall apart yet so I slow cooked for 8 hours while at work but 60 minutes should be long enough

  5. Once it is fall apart tender, remove as much pork as possible then turn the cooker to medium high sauté, re-season the sauce if needed adding more spices, sugar, salt or vinegar

  6. If you want a thicker sauce take out a 1/2 cup liquid and whisk in 1-2 Tbs. arrowroot starch until smooth, then add back into the boiling sauce and whisk

  7. If still not as thick as you would like add more starch, then add the pork back in and shred and mix it up to coat

  8. Divide up the pork for meals and let cool on the counter before freezing or refrigerating

To go on top of our pulled pork sandwich I made some coleslaw, I just made a dressing to taste and added it to a bag of coleslaw mix


1 bag coleslaw mix

Avocado mayo

Apple cider vinegar

Granular monkfruit sweetener



Onion Flakes

Siracha (optional)

Can add horseradish, mustard or Dijon also

Mix it up and let it marinate and top your pulled pork sandwiches!

For breakfast I made corn beef hash, it was around St. Patty's Day and we had some cooked corn beef left over, so I cubed it up and browned it in a pan with onions until it was crispy. Then roasted radishes in place of the potatoes.

Ingredients for radish home fries:

16 oz. bag of radishes

avocado oil (to coat)




garlic powder

onion powder



  1. Cut radishes into similar size pieces and place on a baking pan, with or without foil

  2. Preheat oven to 425 degrees, drizzle the radishes with avocado oil and massage to coat

  3. Sprinkle with the spices and mix the radishes to coat, at this point I taste the coating to see if I need more salt or seasonings

  4. Bake for 45 minutes, tossing a few times in that period until soft and turning brown

I mixed the corn beef and radishes together after they cooled and put in a ziplock bag. We brought 4 beaten eggs in a flask along with cheddar cheese to mix in after reheating the corn beef and radishes over the fire.

The ramen I just use a Kettle & Fire Miso bone broth, hearts of palm pasta from natural heaven and some pulled pork, heated over the fire.

Our most made keto snack for camping are keto mochas, we drink them often on day hikes in the park.

Keto mocha ingredients: I make a big batch and use 3 Tbs. Mix for 9-10 oz. water

1 Cup Instant Espresso Powder (Medaglia D'oro is what I used)

3 1/2 Cups Heavy Cream Powder

1 Cup Cocoa Powder

2-3 Cup Powdered Sweetener (this is to taste)


  1. Sift all ingredients together

  2. Whisk everything together and store in an air tight container

Other drinks I bring camping are electrolyte drinks (ultima single packets and zipfizz are my go to), coffee with stevia and cream, hot totties (lemon, stevia, tea and whiskey) and plenty of water!!!!

The last thing I recommend is making your own trail mix!

This is what I put in mine:

Sprouted pumpkin seeds


Macadamia nuts

Lily's chocolate caramel balls

Lily's salted caramel chocolate bar



Shrewd foods makes chocolate protein puffs and cinnamon roll coated protein puffs that were good in the mix too

Keto camping is not only doable but delicious and as easy as you want to make it! Camp on and enjoy!!!!

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