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Keto Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream Bars

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

I wanted a delicious chocolate dipped keto ice cream bar ever since I bought some at the store and was completely disappointed in the flavor and texture. So that's why I initially bought the popsicle molds but I'm sure I will be finding many uses for them.

This ice cream bar is made using my easy no churn keto ice cream recipe, with my keto sweetened condensed milk. The sweetened condensed milk uses allulose because it is the only alternative sweetener I've tried that doesn't crystalize when it is heated. I tried using erythritol 3 times to make sweetened condensed milk and it was a fail every time. So grab some allulose off Amazon, I promise you won't be disappointed!!! (Allulose - )

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To make this sweetened condensed milk check out the video to see the perfect color and thickness you are going for-

The only other essential ingredient in this no churn ice cream is heavy cream. Other than that you can use several different sweetener or a combo of sweeteners to your liking. After much testing I discovered my perfect sweetness was a bit of powdered monkfruit and a few drops of vanilla liquid stevia into the heavy cream before you whip it.

The molds I used were silicon popsicle molds I bought on Amazon ( ) but any fat bomb mold would work. The dipping will just be a little different, more like dipping my Keto Girl Scout thin mint cookies but using the more runny chocolate coating ( )

Then the chocolate I used was Lily's semi-sweet chocolate chips which is just my preferred because it doesn't add any carbs to the ice cream bar but any keto chocolate can be used. You can also add any extracts or flavored stevia you would like to the chocolate to give it a different flavor. I used refined coconut oil to thin the chocolate but if you use unrefined you will get a coconut flavor to your chocolate. Can also add chopped nuts of any kind to the chocolate to get a crunchy coating on the ice cream bars. Or once coated before it hardens you can sprinkle with course sea salt or other keto decoration.

Keto No Churn Ice Cream Recipe:

300 g Heavy Cream (chilled) (about 1 1/4 Cups)

8-15 g Powdered Monkfruit (optional, to taste)

5 drops Vanilla Liquid Stevia (optional, to taste)

250 g Keto Sweetened Condensed Milk (about a cup)


  1. Make the keto sweetened condensed milk and let chill in refrigerator for an hour or until room temperature ( )

  2. Whip the heavy cream with sweetener of choice to stiff peaks

  3. Fold half the whipped cream into 250 grams of sweetened condensed milk or about 1 cup

  4. Then fold the remaining whipped cream into the mixture

  5. Place mixture in molds of choice, making sure to get the whipped cream all the way into the bottom before spreading the mixture flat, I made 10 popsicles out of this batch

  6. If using popsicle molds place the stick in carefully and straight for best eating experience

  7. Freeze for at least 4 hours or over night

  8. Unmold the popsicles and place on a parchment lined pan, store in the freezer while melting the chocolate coating

Chocolate Dip Coating

9 oz. Lily's semi-sweet chocolate chips

60 g Coconut oil (refined if you don't want coconut flavor, 1/4 Cup)

Liquid stevia (to taste, optional) or flavored stevia


  1. Heat the coconut oil to 170 degrees or so and pour over chocolate chips, should use a tall skinny container for easier dipping

  2. Stir to combine, if all chocolate chips don't melt, heat on 50% power for 10-15 seconds

  3. Stir to melt the residual chips, and continue to stir until the chocolate is between 86-88 degrees

  4. If it is taking too long because it is warm in your house you can stand in front of the refrigerator and stir to cool faster

  5. Once at the right temperature, grab out the ice cream bars from the freezer

  6. Taking one at a time, tip the container of chocolate and dip all four sides into the chocolate and let the excess chocolate drip of the bar

  7. Place flat on the parchment paper and repeat until all ice cream bars are coated

  8. Place back in the freezer for an hour before transferring them to a freezer bag to store

You may not need all the chocolate but having less will make it difficult to get the whole ice cream bar coated each time. The left over chocolate can be reused for more ice cream bars or to decorate the 10 with some extra squiggles of chocolate. You want to keep the chocolate in the refrigerator if you are not going to use it in the next few days.

Macros for 1 or 10 Ice Cream Bars: using all the chocolate which I didn't

351 Calories

35 g Fat

16.2 g Total Carbs

9.1 g Fiber

5.5 g sugar alcohols

1.6 g Net Carbs

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1 Comment

Jul 16, 2022

These are the best Keto ice cream bars. I’ve made them sooooo many times already. Thank you for all your delicious recipes.

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