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Keto Graham Crackers with Keto Marshmallow Crème Dip

Updated: Jun 13

As fall approaches, I think about cool nights and warm bonfires. So I wanted something I could make to enjoy that gives me the smores vibe without all the guilt. So I got to testing and finally got a crispy keto coconut flour graham cracker and paired it with a delicious keto marshmallow crème to dip them in. I will eventually figure out a keto marshmallow but have not had the time. I put a link below though for a good keto marshmallow I have tried and is pretty good, but I haven't tried toasting it.

For this recipe I used egg white protein powder which is the only thing I have found that will create a nice crispy keto cookie. I've tried whey protein in place of egg white and it just makes a soft cracker. I'm sure there are other ingredients that may give a crispy graham cracker but I have not found it.

The oat fiber is optional but adds an oat flavor and texture to the keto graham cracker. If you don't want to purchase oat fiber you can replace it with 10 more grams of coconut flour. But traditional graham crackers are made with a whole wheat flour so I thought using some oat fiber would make it more like a traditional graham cracker.

The sweetener I chose was lakanto golden monkfruit because graham crackers are made with brown sugar. I'm sure a swerve brown sweetener will work, I just don't prefer straight erythritol. I tried using allulose and it caramelized beautifully but it made my keto graham crackers soft. If you don't have a golden or brown sweetener you can use a normal granular, you just won't get the caramelized flavor to your keto graham crackers.

Products and equipment I used for this recipe that I regularly buy on Amazon:

Silicon spatulas-

Silicon whisks-

Mini Offset Spatula -

Butane canister torch -

Lakanto golden monkfruit sweetener-

Coconut Flour -

Egg white protein powder-

Splenda Allulose -

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(As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases)

The technique for making the keto graham crackers:

Getting the right crispiness and thickness on these graham crackers can be a bit tricky, I do suggest watching the video for tips and tricks. I will try to explain it the best I can but there is no better way than watching to get them exactly right. When you mix the dough together it will be like wet sand, you have to work it together well to make sure all the butter is distributed completely throughout the dry ingredients. It's basically like making a graham cracker cheesecake crust into a sheet of graham crackers.

Start by spreading out the mixture into a rough rectangle about 10 inches by 8 inches. If you possess a rolling pin with the thickness rings use it to lightly roll the middle of the mixture out to 1/4 inch thick, then reform into a rectangle. Pat the dough down in the middle and push out towards the edges. Forming it into a nicely packed and even rectangle. The middle almost always ends up thicker than the edges so don't be afraid to push it out a little more than you think is needed. If it's too thick in the middle, it may not cook enough to become crispy. Once the middle is packed, form the corners and edges as best that you can, it likes to crumble and crack but it will eventually form, kind of like a sand castle.

Once you have your nicely packed rectangle you just need to score it so it forms the nice individual keto graham crackers. Take a long knife and press straight down, don't drag the knife or you will make it crumble. Score it into 24 graham cracker sticks perfect for dipping! Makes sure if the edges crack you repack them.

Keto Graham Cracker Recipe

45 g Coconut flour (6 Tbs.)

10 g Oat Fiber (2 Tbs.)

16 g Egg white protein powder (2 Tbs.)

48 g Golden Monkfruit sweetener (my preferred can use anything granular) (1/4 Cup)

1/2 tsp. Ground cinnamon

1/4 tsp. Xanthan gum

5 Tbs. Salted Butter (melted)

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

Pinch of salt if using unsalted butter


  1. Line a medium or large cookie sheet with parchment paper

  2. Sift and whisk your dry ingredients together well in a medium sized bowl

  3. Stir together the melted butter and vanilla extract

  4. Pour the butter and vanilla into the middle of the dry ingredients and stir the mixture in the middle and work outwards incorporating more dry ingredients

  5. Continue to mix until there are no big clumps of butter and it's a cohesive sandy mixture all the way threw, preheat oven at this point to 350 degrees

  6. Pour mixture onto baking sheet into a pile and spread out into about a 10 by 8 inch rectangle, not patting down

  7. Once into a rough rectangle, start patting down in the middle and pushing out to the edges, can use a rolling pin with guides at 1/4 inch if you have one

  8. The end product should be less than a 1/4 inch thick, once the middle is packed to the right thickness, start forming the edges, packing them well and fixing any cracks that occur

  9. Once you have a nice rectangle, divide it into 6-4 piece graham cracker sheets or 24 dippable sticks (see picture above)

  10. Bake for 9-11 minutes, turning them half way threw to get even baking all the way around, you want nice golden brown all the way around and starting to brown in the middle

  11. Let cool completely on the pan until fully cooled before breaking into sticks, store in a ziplock bag on the counter for over a week, haven't lasted long enough for me to see what happens over weeks but storing in the refrigerator may make them soft

Macros for whole recipe:

711 Calories

64 g Fat

35 g Total Carbs

23 g Fiber

12 g Net Carbs

11 g Protein

The marshmallow dip I chose to make took some trial and error. I first tried to make a keto fluff recipe with just an allulose syrup whipped into egg whites but it wasn't as stable as the meringue was. So that's what I decided to create and it is soooo yummy!!! Allulose is key to making this swiss meringue, I tried using erythritol and it was a crystalized mess when it was done. Allulose acts just like sugar does and it's amazing.

The meringue only 3 ingredients, Allulose, room temperature egg whites and a good vanilla extract, there is not much to it. Heat over simmering water in a double boiler with the allulose until fully dissolved and at least 120 degrees, whisking constantly. Should only take a few minutes if using 2 egg whites. Then take off the heat and add vanilla extract. Then just whip until super thick and fluffy and looks like marshmallow fluff.

Can halve the recipe, a good amount for 2-4 people if making a dip out of it. I did 2 egg whites for an 8x8 dish of dip. Can double the recipe if using to frost a cake, cupcakes or brownies!!

Keto Marshmallow Crème Recipe (swiss meringue)

2 Egg whites (room temp)

1/2 Cup Allulose

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract


  1. Separate the egg whites and reserve the yolks for something else yummy (keto Crème brulee - ) make sure no egg yolk gets into the whites

  2. Place egg whites into a very clean bowl or your stand mixer bowl and add the allulose

  3. Place over a pot with simmering water making sure the water doesn't touch the bottom of the bowl

  4. Whisk constantly until the sugar is dissolved and the mixture reaches at least 120 degrees, shouldn't take any longer than 4 minutes if using 2 egg whites

  5. When the mixture is warm and no sweetener granules remain, place in a stand mixer and whip until stiff, fluffy peaks form

  6. Use and serve as soon as possible, after a day it will begin to weep, but will still taste amazing

  7. Can pipe on cakes, cupcakes or dip cookies or graham crackers

  8. For extra deliciousness you can toast the marshmallow with a torch, unfortunately you can't broil because it will melt

You can spread the topping onto some melted chocolate if serving immediately for a party. Can also spread on top of a keto nutella or peanut/almond butter or just enjoy it on it's own, it's so good!!!

Macros for marshmallow crème:

35 Calories

7 g Protein

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