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Keto Hot Cocoa Bombs!!! 4 Flavors

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

Keto hot cocoa bombs and regular are a great holiday gift but also just a fun project to do with the kids.

There are a million and one flavor combinations with all the keto flavored chocolates we have on the market now. Below are a bunch of guidelines, variations, and recipes to make delicious keto hot cocoa bombs at home.

Chocolate can be a bit tricky especially keto chocolate because you can buy already tempered regular chocolate but not keto. So you have to temper the chocolate if you want a nice solid chocolate with no white streaks on it. Depending on the brand of keto chocolate used, the procedure will be different. I found with lily's chocolate, you should add coconut oil to make it more smooth and easier to work with. Use a 1/2 tsp. coconut oil per half cup of chips. Adding the coconut oil will make it easier to get it smooth and runny without having to over heat it. I used bake believe white chocolate chips and they were easy to use with no coconut oil. To temper chocolate, heat chocolate with some coconut oil at 15 second intervals at 50 percent power until just fully melted. Add in a few un-melted chips at a time stirring continually until you get the chocolate at a temperature between 80-89 degrees aiming for 86. It is easier to temper more chocolate than you need because you don't want to have to temper more chocolate when you run out. You can always reuse the melted chocolate for something else.

Some different Cocoa Bombs I made:

Salted Caramel:

Lily's Salted Caramel Chips

Keto Caramel Sauce (recipe below)

2 Tbs. Keto Hot Cocoa Mix (recipe below)

Keto Burnt Caramel marshmallows (bought on Amazon )

White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha:

Lily's White Chocolate Chips with or without peppermint extract

Keto peppermint candies (recipe below)

1 tsp. Instant espresso powder

2 Tbs. Hot Cocoa Mix

Chocolate Hazelnut Hot Cocoa

Lily's Dark Chocolate Chips

Perfect keto Chocolate hazelnut butter

2 Tbs. Hot Cocoa Mix

Traditional Hot Cocoa Bomb

Lily's Milk Chocolate Chips

2 Tbs. Keto Hot Cocoa Mix

Keto Vanilla Marshmallows (bought on Amazon )

The keto hot cocoa mix I made is just a guideline, you can make it as sweet as you like or add less sweetener. If you are giving it to people that use regular milk for the hot cocoa bombs it may be too sweet. Our milk alternatives we use have little to no carbs (ie. Sugar) so we need a little more sweetness added to ours. Just something to keep in mind because I didn't realize why it wasn't sweet enough when I followed a regular hot cocoa mix recipe.

Keto Hot Cocoa Mix:

Equal parts high quality cacoa powder and your favorite low carb powdered sweetener (I like Lakanto powdered Monkfruit/Erythritol)- sifted together and I add an equal part of heavy cream powder to make the hot cocoa more rich when mixed with almond or cashew milk, this is optional.

Amazon Affiliate Links:

Powdered monkfruit-

Heavy Cream powder -

For the keto salted caramel hot cocoa bomb I used Lily's salted caramel chips and keto caramel marshmallow which would be good as is. But I had to add an extra element because that's just how I am. I figured out a keto caramel sauce and was so happy to figure it out that I had to use it in something. So I added it to the salted caramel bombs. Allulose is the only sugar substitute I found that makes a nice smooth caramel sauce, you can find it on Amazon Allulose -

Keto Caramel Sauce Recipe:

1 Cup Powder Allulose

1/3 Cup Water

3/4 Cup Heavy cream

2 Tbs. Butter

1 tsp. Vanilla extract


  1. Place Allulose into a heavy bottom sauce pot then add water around the edge of the pot to try to alleviate any crystals forming around the pan.

  2. Cook on medium- low heat once dissolved if you see crystals forming on top, which you probably will, place a snug lid on top for 1-2 minutes until there are no more crystals on top of the liquid.

  3. Cook until it is an amber color and it looks like honey. Have the heavy cream, butter and vanilla ready to go.

  4. When the sugar has reached an amber color turn off the heat and add the heavy cream. It will bubble up so be careful and stir to combine.

  5. Add butter and vanilla and stir to combine.

  6. Cool at room temperature, then once cooled store in an airtight container in the fridge or will last on the counter top for about a week.

  7. Because we are using allulose it doesn't get hard in the refrigerator. Will last about a month in the fridge.

  8. Make sure the caramel is cool before adding them to the hot chocolate bombs!

The peppermint candies we a pain to figure out. I made xylitol peppermint candies which works but they are crystalized candies. I wanted a nice peppermint hard candy. I then figured out that isomalt sugar is a sugar alcohol and candy companies use this to make sugar free candies. Unfortunately I found out later that it spikes some peoples blood sugar. So I leave it up to you what kind of candy you want to make. I will put links to both recipes so you can choose which is best for you. The isomalt recipe I found was just for sugar work and I had to figure out how much peppermint extract to add to make it peppermint candies. But follow the instructions in the linked blog post.

Isomalt Peppermint Candies:

The batch I made were using these measurements


1 Cup Isomalt Sugar Crystals

1 Tbs. Peppermint extract

red and white food coloring (optional)

Once the candies have hardened break into pieces and place in a ziplock bag and smash into small bits. I sifted the smashed peppermint candies into the powdered bits for decorating and kept the big pieces to place into the bombs

Xylitol Peppermint Candies link which I also made and added some food coloring. Bought on Amazon: Xylitol-

Recipe Link for xylitol candy:

Once the chocolate is tempered, and all your extras are prepared it's time to make your keto hot cocoa bombs!!! These are the molds I bought on Amazon I bought 2 packs so I would have 4 molds because I made them as gifts and had to make over 100.

Place your molds on a sheet tray that will fit in the refrigerator or freezer. Full each half sphere with approximately 2 Tbs. melted chocolate, work the chocolate up the sides of the molds, concentrating on getting it even and all the way up the sides, and making sure there are no holes. Place mold in refrigerator or freezer for about 5 minutes. Once chilled remove the spheres by pulling the sides away from the chocolate and pushing up from the bottom. With a warm pan or microwaved plate melt the edges down of one sphere until it is nice and even. Place into a cupcake liner, fill with 2 Tbs. of cocoa mix, more or less depending on the sweetness of the chocolate you are using and the add ins you are putting in. Milk and white chocolate are pretty sweet, dark, bittersweet and semi-sweet are less sweet. Add in whatever other add ins you desire. Melt the edges of the second sphere until even and place on top of the bottom sphere. I pick it up to make sure there are no gaps, if there is, smooth out the melted chocolate you have around the edges. Decorate with some melted chocolate, keto sprinkles or marshmallows. Check out the video for decorating ideas and tutorials:

To make the hot chocolates: Heat 8 oz. of milk, cashew milk, almond milk, water, or coffee to boiling. Place bomb in a mug and pour over your liquid, mix and enjoy!

Macros are gonna be all over the board on these depending on the ingredients you use!!!

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