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Keto/Low Carb Chocolate Cream Pie

Updated: Feb 16

A chocolate cream pie was one of my favorite pies because I loved everything growing up that had to do with chocolate!!! Was never a huge fruit pie fan if there was a chocolate option to be had. So when I see these pies at restaurants, it's always so hard for me to resist. So I had to figure out a keto version. This is the tamest version of this pie, if I didn't care about carb count I would add a pile of whipped cream, chocolate ganache drizzle and maybe even some nuts or peanut butter. The base of the pie filling is the hard part, you can jazz it up however you would like. Even switch out the crust for any of the others on my channel, I've gone a bunch of different cookie crusts, shortbread crusts, coconut flour crusts, graham cracker. Possibilities are endless!!!

This chocolate cream pie is made using my chocolate cook and serve pudding

( ) and my keto pie crust ( ) the only changes to the pudding is adding more gelatin totaling 3 1/4 tsp. then lightening the mixture with keto whipped cream. The only difference with the crust is baking it before filling it at 350 for 10-12 minutes and cooling before filling with the pudding mixture.

I initially thought my cook & serve was a pretty straight forward recipe but turns out different gelatins have different gelling power. For my recipes I always use the same grass-fed beef gelatin from thrive market. So if for some reason your pudding isn't beginning to set after an hour and a half and below 55 degrees rewarm the mixture enough to melt another 1/4-1/2 tsp. of bloomed gelatin and continue to chill. You don't want to add too much because you want it the consistency of a pie filling when all done, not to stiff jello filling.

If you don't like the ingredients in my traditional flaky pie crust I have several others on my channel-

Shortbread Crust-

Brown Butter Crust-

Any Keto Cookie Crust-

The alternative milk you choose can be anything, you can even use regular milk or heavy cream if you'd like but that will change the carb count for your pie. If you are doing strict keto corn in any form is a no no so I used arrowroot starch which some people still say that isn't keto but if you want to use cornstarch instead of arrowroot starch you need half as much cornstarch, so only 1 tsp. The heavy cream powder can be substituted with coconut cream powder in the pudding but I don't think coconut cream will be a suitable replacement for the heavy cream when going to make the filling.

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Keto Chocolate Cream Pie Recipe


16 oz./2 Cups Alterative Milk (cashew, almond, flax, oat ect)

24 g/1/4 Cup Cocoa Powder

24 g/1/4 Cup Heavy Cream Powder

45 g/1/4 Cup+2 Tbs. Powdered Sweetener

8 g/2 tsp. Arrowroot Starch/Powder

1/4 tsp. Salt

13 g/3 1/4 tsp. Gelatin

48 g/4 Tbs. Cold Water

4 oz./1/2 Cup Heavy Cream

30 g/1/4 Cup Powdered Sweetener (to taste)

Splash of Vanilla Extract


  1. Turn alternative milk on low in a heavy bottom sauce pot while you measure/weight, sift and whisk together all the dry ingredients except the gelatin, which you bloom by sprinkling over the cold water

  2. Whisk the dry ingredients into the milk until well combined then switch to a rubber or silicon spatula and stir continuously until it starts to bubble all around the mixture

  3. Once boiling, turn off the heat and add in the bloomed gelatin and stir until melted

  4. Strain pudding into a bowl and either cover with plastic wrap directly onto the surface and refrigerate until it's 60-70 degree (1-2 hours) or place in fridge or over an ice bath and stir every few minutes until you reach 60-70 degrees

  5. While that's chilling, make the crust

  6. Once crust is out of the oven and pudding is getting jelly like but not chunky looking, whip the heavy cream, powdered sweetener and vanilla extract until stiff peaks and fold into the pudding, if the pudding got a little too set you can beat the pudding with half of the whipped cream beat to soft peaks then beat the rest of the cream to stiff peaks and fold into the filling

  7. Place into the cooled pie shell and refrigerate until fully set, decorate as desired, cut into 8 slices

Keto Pie Crust Recipe

29 g Unflavored Isopure whey protein isolate (one packed scoop)

30 g Coconut Flour (1/4 Cup)

30 g Oat Fiber (Naturtonix is what I use) (1/4 Cup + 2 Tbs.)

1 tsp. Xanthan Gum

1 tsp. Gelatin

3 oz. Grated Butter (Frozen) (6 Tbs.)

6-8 Tbs. Ice Water

Pinch of salt (omit if using salted butter)


  1. Grate the refrigerator cold butter with the big holes on a box grater and place into the freezer

  2. Weight/measure all your dry ingredients and whisk to incorporate

  3. Place a few ice cubes into a bowl and fill with a cup of cold water and grab a Tablespoon measuring spoon and a fork to mix the dough

  4. Once the butter is frozen, scrape the butter into the dry ingredients with the fork and mix to coat the butter in the dry ingredients, work in the butter until pea size pieces form

  5. Start by adding 6 Tablespoons of ice water into the bowl and mix with the fork, add ice water in small increments until there is only a little dry ingredients left at the bottom of the bowl and a dough has started to form

  6. Now with your hands work all the ingredients together into a ball and place onto a piece of cling film, handling as little as possible to not warm or melt the butter chunks

  7. Wrap in the plastic and form roughly into a puck then place in the freezer for 15 minutes or refrigerator for 30 minutes

  8. Preheat oven to 350 degree, roll out the pie dough between two pieces of parchment paper until it is a little bigger than a 9 inch pie pan

  9. Spray the pie pan with non-stick spray, lay the pie pan on top of the pie dough and flip over into the pie pan, gently slide the pie dough into the pan and roll down the edges to form a thicker crust around the top, make a decorative crimp if desired, poke the bottom with some hole and place into the freezer to chill

  10. Once chilled bake for 10-12 minutes until nicely golden brown turning half way through

  11. Let cool then finish the filling

Macros 1/8 of pie: With no extras

210 Calories

18 g Fat

19 g Total Carbs

6 g Fiber

9 g Sugar Alcohol

4 g Net Carbs

7 g Protein

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