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Low Carb Pizzelles/Cannoli shells/Waffle cones

Pizzelles are a staple Italian cookies, so of course I had to try to figure out a recipe! Luckily one of the easier Italian cookies to make, unlike cucidatis that have a ton of ingredients. Basically I just had to figure out the right low carb flour combo and sweetener to sub in because the other ingredients butter and egg make up the bulk of the recipe.

The recipe below makes 16 cookies in the Pizzelle maker I own, you may get more or less depending on your iron but this recipe is easy to double, triple or even quadruple. You may need to do some experimenting with the iron you own to get the amount of batter right. For mine it was about a tablespoon of batter if I squeezed down on the iron, I used the smallest portion scoop I own. If I wanted a thicker cookie, I would have to add a little more batter and wouldn't push down so much after filling with batter. So there are a few kinks you may need to work out with your machine but all in all it's a very simple recipe.

For the sweetener you need to use something that has a little bit of graininess too it, in order for the cookie to be crispy. Powdered monkfruit, stevia, or splenda won't work in this recipe. Either will allulose, no matter what allulose will prevent the cookie from becoming crispy. So I suggest a type of sweetener that is granular and a 1:1 substitute for regular sugar. You will usually find that information on the package somewhere but as a guide, stevia, monkfruit and splenda need to be cut with something else to make them 1:1 with regular sugar because they are very sweet in their pure form.

The other important ingredient in this cookie is the egg white protein powder. The powdered egg whites give the crispiness you want in a pizzelle. Adding extra liquid egg whites will not work to make the cookie crispy. You need the drying of powder to make the batter the right consistency. I have a bunch of crispy cookie recipes on my channel that use egg white protein if you don't want to buy a bag just for this recipe. There are recipes for oreos, tagalongs, thin mints, etc. on my channel that call for egg white protein powder. Also you can just add water to the powder and blend it up to make my angel food cake recipe, many possibilities!

You can also use this recipe to make waffle cones or bowls or cannoli shells, all of which I showed in the video. I will also link below the tools I used to make those products. I love putting a scoop of keto ice cream in a waffle bowl and adding toppings so it feels like I got to go to the ice cream parlor and order a decadent sundae like I use to!

Amazon Affiliate Links for products I use and items I regularly buy on Amazon: If you want to support my channel in a small way by buying ingredients you already use or need by clicking my links, I'd really appreciate it. I get a few cents per purchase which could really help with all the testing I do, to make these recipes the best possible.

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These pizzelles stay well on the counter for several weeks in a ziplock bag. You can also freeze then for up to a month or two. I would let them thaw out of the bag on the counter or just eat them straight out of the freezer, they are delicious as frozen chocolate dipped ice cream cones.

Low Carb Pizzelle Recipe

2 Eggs

96 g Granular Sweetener (I use Lakanto Classic Monkfruit/Erythritol Blend) (about 1/2 Cup)

84 g Salted Butter (melted and cooled)( 6 Tbs., 3 oz.)

1/2 Tbs. Vanilla Extract (6 g)

15 g Coconut Flour (2 Tbs.)

12 g Egg White Powder (1 1/2 - 2 Tbs.)

1/2 tsp. Xanthan Gum (2g)

1 tsp. Baking Powder (4g)


  1. Melt the butter, measure, sift and whisk together dry ingredients together

  2. Beat eggs and granular sweetener together until frothy

  3. Stream in butter as you whip then add the vanilla extract

  4. Add dry ingredients into the wet and beat until there are no lumps left

  5. Preheat the pizzelle maker while the batter rests and grab out a drying rack for a place for the cookies to cool

  6. If you have the same pizzelle maker as I do, ladle a tablespoon of batter into the center of the cookie pattern, press down and hold for a few seconds, cook for no longer than a minute and a half (may take some testing if you have a different size cookie maker or a waffle cone maker)

  7. Once cooked they will be very fragile, using a mini offset spatula pick up the cookie and lay flat onto the cooling rack or shape around a cone mold, cannoli tube, or in between two glass bowls depending on the desired shape

  8. Once cooled, store on the counter in a ziplock bag for a week or more

Macros: 1 Pizzelle if you make 14-16 pizzelles

60 Calories

5 g Fat

7 g Total Carbs

0 g Fiber

6 g Sugar Alcohol

1 g Net Carbs

2 g Protein

I created a patreon account. I have many ideas for the future of this channel and maybe even creating my own keto line of desserts at some point. I'm going to be posting some inspirational stuff over there along with more information about my life, past, present and future. I'm excited to take this extra step and do some extra content for supporters. Some behind the scenes of my recipe testing successes and fails alike. Maybe even some merch down the line! If you would like to support me and this channel, please consider becoming a patron.



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Sara Marques
Sara Marques
Apr 10

Wonderful recipe. I've been making this on repeat to eat some crispy pizzelle cookies just like that, no ice cream. How much unsweetened cacao powder should I add to make them chocolate flavored?

I've been adding rosemary, thyme , mint leaves , orange peel , sesame seeds to get different flavors. Just perfect!

Keto Upgrade
Keto Upgrade
Apr 13
Replying to

Aww so glad you are enjoying them. I would think a tablespoon would do to make them chocolate flavored, 2 Tablespoons at the most.


Dec 22, 2022

It is the holidays, so I gave this recipe a try. On keto (to the best of our abilities) for 6 + months. Two questions in regards to the sugar used here. We find too sweet and a bit too much cooling. Will a decrease in sugar compromise the structure? In that same frame- would using some liquid stevia in place of part of the granulated sugar alternative work? thank you, Shirley

Keto Upgrade
Keto Upgrade
Dec 22, 2022
Replying to

I'm not sure what the outcome would be, since I haven't tried it. But if you want to try cutting it down I'd try no less than half the amount. And I think adding a few drops of liquid stevia would be fine.


Debbie Post
Debbie Post
Jun 19, 2022

These are great! I used the Dash mini pizzelle maker, and added lemon zest and lemon extract in mine. Thin, crispy, and delicious. Next time I’ll try some almond extract. Thanks for another awesome recipe, and nut-free too, yay! 😀


Ingrid Bird
Jun 11, 2022

Just made them, made 12 waffle cone with the recipe, very easy to make and delicious. I have an electric waffle cone maker bought on Amazon for 30$…perfect

Keto Upgrade
Keto Upgrade
Jun 11, 2022
Replying to

Awrsome! They look so good!

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