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Keto/Low Carb Creamsicle

Updated: May 22

One of my childhood favorite ice cream treats was a creamsicle, so I had to figure out a keto version to enjoy during the hot summer season. I've already done several Keto Ice Cream Bar Recipes and they are all delicious but all chocolate, so I decided I needed some other flavors. I wanted it to look as close to a creamsicle as possible but you don't need the outside coating on this ice cream bar, it tastes delicious just as is, it's creamy delicious orange and vanilla flavor.

To get the most orange flavor into these ice cream bars I did use actual oranges, the rind and the juice. You probably could use an orange flavored drink also but they aren't usually flavored naturally. The trick to adding it into my no churn ice cream recipe is reducing the juice down to a quarter of it's volume. I also used the rind and steeped it into my warmed keto sweetened condensed milk recipe. This is optional as is using the juice. You can just use orange extract but it isn't the best it could be with the real orange flavor added to it.

Besides the orange and my keto sweetened condensed milk I used a little powdered monkfruit/erythritol and liquid stevia to sweeten the ice cream. The sweetness level is up to you and you can use only extra stevia or pure monkfruit along with the keto sweetened condensed milk. The keto sweetened condensed milk is essential to making a soft and creamy no churn keto ice cream. The key to a soft and creamy keto ice cream is the allulose. It doesn't allow the ingredients to freeze rock hard like any other keto ice cream recipe.

For the coating I tried a few different things and I didn't want to add a lot of extra carbs because we are already using the higher carb orange juice in the ice cream itself. Using commercial white chocolate would add quite a few carbs to the ice cream bars so I decided to make my own keto chocolate with cocoa butter, sweetener and heavy cream powder. If you don't care about a few extra carbs you can use white chocolate, coconut oil, orange extract and food coloring to get the orange coating on the outside. A few tips to making your own keto white chocolate. Making a big batch is easier than making a small amount and using a blender that the blade is removable is very helpful in the process. It isn't the best white chocolate to just eat because it does stay a little grainy. But when coating a frozen bar you can't really detect the graininess because the ice cream is so melt in your mouth creamy. Also using a double boiler is a lot easier to melt the cocoa butter than the microwave because it takes forever to melt in the microwave. I will eventually come out with an upgraded keto chocolate recipe for milk, dark and white keto chocolates when I figure it out.

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Keto Creamsicle Recipe

Peeled rind of 1 Orange steeped in the sweetened condensed milk or zest added ice cream

1/2 Cup Fresh Orange Juice (1-2 oranges)

1-1/4 Cup/300mL Heavy Cream

7-15g/1-2 Tbs. Powdered Sweetener (to taste)

1/2-1 tsp. Vanilla Extract (to taste)

1/2-1 tsp. Orange Extract (to taste)

Liquid Stevia (optional, to taste)


  1. Make the keto sweetened condensed milk, optionally using a vegetable peeler, peel the orange into the warm sweetened condensed milk and steep for 5 minutes, strain and chill in the refrigerator or freezer, stirring occasionally until it is room temperature

  2. Juice the peeled orange(s) to get 4oz or 1/2 Cup of juice and heat to reduce to 2 Tbsp. of liquid then chill until room temperature then add to the sweetened condensed milk

  3. Once everything is room temperature measure out the heavy cream into a stand mixer or bowl to use a hand mixer

  4. Add in the sweetener and extract, starting with the lesser amounts

  5. Whip the cream to soft peaks then slowly stream in the keto sweetened condense milk and orange juice concentrate

  6. Once it is all combined taste for flavor and sweetness add desired extra then whip to stiff peaks

  7. Place into popsicle molds and place the popsicle sticks in and freeze until completely solid can enjoy as is or make the orange white chocolate coating

Macros: 1/10 Ice Cream Bars

210 Calories

21 g Fat

4 g Total Carbs

0 g Fiber

2 g Sugar Alcohol

2 g Net Carbs

2 g Protein

Keto White Chocolate Orange Coating

4oz./112g/48 Wafer- Cocoa Butter

4oz./112g/1 Cup + 2Tbsp. Heavy Cream Powder

80-120g/3/4-1 Cup Powdered Sweetener

1 tsp. Orange Extract and/or Vanilla Extract (to taste)

1 tsp. Liquid Stevia (optional, to taste)

Coconut Oil to make smooth

More Coconut Oil to make a runny coating

Orange food coloring (optional)


  1. Using a blender, preferably one with a removable blade, blend the heavy cream powder and sweetener together while you melt the cocoa butter in a metal bowl over a pot of simmering water

  2. Add the melted cocoa butter to the blender and blend until smooth, add the extract(s) and stevia if using and blend

  3. Add coconut oil until the mixture comes together into a smooth white chocolate consistency

  4. At this point you can put it into a mold of some kind and refrigerate until solid, you only need half the chocolate to dip the 10 creamsicle bars

  5. Using half the chocolate made add the orange food coloring if using and blend to combine add a tablespoon of coconut oil at a time until you get a runny chocolate coating

  6. Put the coating into a tall vessel to dip the creamsicles, unmold all the creamsicles and dip when the mixture is around 80 degrees

  7. Coat each bar quickly and let the excess drip off before placing onto a piece of parchment paper, freeze until solid and enjoy

Macros: 1/10 with coating

300 calories

31g Fat

9g Total Carbs

0g Fiber

6g Sugar Alcohol

3g Net Carbs

2g Protein

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