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Keto Snickers Ice Cream Bars

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

I have been meaning to figure out a keto Snickers ice cream bar for awhile. I thought it would be easy but of course there are many pitfalls when it comes to working with keto caramel. The easiest way I found to make them is in popsicle molds. I tried to get fancy and make them look exactly like snickers bars and you end up needing a lot of time to let them set after each step, otherwise you get a real mess. But I will explain the best way to do each method.

But first each element of the keto snickers ice cream bar. I used all recipes I already had. My snickers bar recipe with real nougat, caramel and peanuts ( ). The only thing I changed in this recipe is adding an extra tablespoon of heavy cream to make it a chewier caramel even when it is frozen. So for tips and tricks to making caramel with pictures and all check out the link above.

The ice cream part is my no churn ice cream recipe where I just use heavy cream, some sweetener and homemade keto sweetened condensed milk. Super easy recipe, especially if you make the sweetened condensed milk in a big batch and have some on hand in the freezer (which is what I do often). For the recipe and tips and tricks for the sweetened condensed milk check out this blog post ( )

Keto Sweetened Condensed Milk (Big Batch)

2 Cup Heavy Cream

3/4 Cup Allulose

4 Tbs. Salted Butter

1 tsp. Vanilla Extract


  1. Place heavy cream and Allulose in a heavy bottom sauce pot and turn heat to medium and whisk until all the sweetener is dissolved

  2. Once mixture starts to simmer, reduce heat to medium low and simmer for 20-30 minutes, depending on how low the heat is set, stirring frequently

  3. When the mixture has reduced to a little over 2 Cups of liquid (I test in a measuring cup first) and it has become a tan color, turn off heat, strain into heat proof vessel and add the butter and vanilla extract, stir to combine

  4. Chill for at least 1 hour in the refrigerator or overnight (stir every ten minutes if possible to distribute the butter, not crucial)

Macros for sweetened condensed milk:

1949 Calories

210 g Fat

13 g Total Carbs

0 g Fiber

13 g Net Carbs

13 g Protein

And then the chocolate coating I did was the same recipe as my keto chocolate dipped ice cream bar recipe ( ) You may need more chocolate and coconut oil if you are doing it in bar form. But I also discovered that if you use different kinds and brands of keto chocolate you may need more coconut oil to thin out the chocolate coating. On my experiments for the snickers ice cream bars, I used Lily's dark chocolate chips and the coating was way to thick, which is also why I think I ran out of chocolate to coat all the bars. When I used Lily's semi-sweet chocolate chips, I can easily coat 12 ice cream bars. On my last test I added 30 more grams of coconut oil to the dark chocolate chips and was able to coat more than the earlier tests and they are a thinner coat on the ice cream, which I think will be a better eating experience than biting into the bar and all the chocolate falling off.

Now for the construction of the Keto Snickers Ice Cream Bars. You can see all the pitfalls that happened to me in the YouTube video at so this will make more sense, lol. I thought that using a silicon 8x8 would be safe but ungreased and greased the caramel still stuck. I've never tried placing my caramel on parchment, aluminum or cling film so I'm not sure lining a pan with any of those will help. I could just be my particular silicon 8x8 because the caramel came away fine when I used my silicon popsicle molds. So if you choose to go the route of an 8x8 silicon, do so at your own risk. If it does stick to the silicon you can dunk the bottom in very hot water (but you have to move quick or the ice cream will start to melt also) or use a blow torch on the bottom of it. You only want to do this after it has been in the freezer for 6 hours or more and then after it gets unstuck it should be left to refreeze for another 6 hours before cutting into bars and dunking. Slow and steady will definitely be your friend if you are going to make this.

The easier way to do this is to use popsicle molds, I will have the ones I used for the test linked below with all the rest of my amazon links. I know for a fact the caramel doesn't stick to these molds which are also silicon, which is why I think it just might be the 8x8 silicon I happen to have. If you use the same popsicle molds as me you will be able to make 12 with the caramel and peanuts and you may still have some no churn ice cream left for a few more molds. Then just dip like the original ice cream bars, you do need to be careful pulling the popsicles out of the molds because the caramel does like to separate from the ice cream. Follow this tutorial ( ) to get the ice cream bars out and to dunk.

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Keto Chewy Caramel

1 Cup Allulose

2 Tbs. Water

56 g Salted butter (4 Tbs.)

2 Tbs. Heavy cream

1 tsp. Vanilla extract

60 g Roasted peanuts (or more if you like)


  1. Make the caramel by heating the allulose, water over medium low heat, simmer with a lid if crystals are forming, using a pastry brush and water, wet the sides of the pot if you see allulose cooking on the side

  2. Cook until it is a deep amber color around 350 degrees

  3. Cut the heat and add the heavy cream and whisk quickly

  4. Add the butter and vanilla extract and whisk vigorously

  5. Add the peanuts if using and mix with a spatula, keep stirring and pour caramel either into a greased 8x8 silicon pan or divide into the bottom of 12 popsicle molds and place in freezer

  6. Make the no churn ice cream

Keto No Churn Ice Cream Recipe:

300 g Heavy Cream (chilled) (about 1 1/4 Cups)

8-15 g Powdered Monkfruit (optional, to taste)

5 drops Vanilla Liquid Stevia (optional, to taste)

250 g Keto Sweetened Condensed Milk (about a cup)


  1. Make the keto sweetened condensed milk and let chill in refrigerator for an hour or until room temperature ( )

  2. Whip the heavy cream with sweetener of choice to soft peaks

  3. With whipped cream on medium speed, slowly add in the sweetened condensed milk

  4. Whip until thick being careful not to over whip

  5. Place mixture in molds of choice, making sure to get the whipped cream all the way into the bottom before spreading the mixture flat, I made 12 popsicles out of this batch

  6. If using popsicle molds place the stick in carefully and straight for best eating experience

  7. Freeze for at least 6 hours or over night

  8. Unmold the popsicles and place on a parchment lined pan, store in the freezer while melting the chocolate coating

  9. If using the 8x8, once frozen, set up a knife in hot water and a pan with parchment that will fit in your freezer, then pop out the ice cream onto a cutting board, if it comes unstuck, cut into 6 then in half and place a popsicle stick in each one and place onto the parchment paper

  10. If it doesn't come unstuck use hot water and dunk the bottom in to melt the caramel or use a blow torch, if this happens you need to refreeze for 8 more hours before cutting them dunking

Chocolate Coating

9oz.-12oz./1 bag Keto Chocolate chips

60-90 g/ 6 Tbs. Coconut oil

Liquid stevia to taste


  1. Heat the coconut oil to 170 degrees or so and pour over chocolate chips, should use a tall skinny container for easier dipping

  2. Stir to combine, if all chocolate chips don't melt, heat on 50% power for 10-15 seconds

  3. Stir to melt the residual chips, and continue to stir until the chocolate is between 86-88 degrees

  4. If it is taking too long because it is warm in your house you can stand in front of the refrigerator and stir to cool faster

  5. Once at the right temperature, grab out the ice cream bars from the freezer

  6. Taking one at a time, tip the container of chocolate and dip all four sides into the chocolate and let the excess chocolate drip of the bar

  7. Place flat on the parchment paper and repeat until all ice cream bars are coated

  8. Place back in the freezer for an hour before transferring them to a freezer bag to store

Macros using 12 oz. of a chocolate chip that is 1 carb for half an ounce, 90 g coconut oil and making 12 bars

420 Calories

40 g Fat

20 g Total Carbs

9 g Fiber

7 g Sugar Alcohol

4 g Net Carbs

5 g Protein

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